One of the development team’s biggest challenges is having a consistent and reproducible environment between team members.
The bigger the team or more teams working on the same project codebase, the issue is amplified.
Different languages try to manage dependencies using specifically inbuilt language-specific package manager.
Ex. Python it is using by de-facto…

When Docker emerged in 2013 wasn’t a new technology in containerization space.
The container history started 1979 with Unix V7 Chroot and continued, 2000 FreeBSD Jails, 2001 Linux VServer, 2004 Solaris Containers, 2005 Open VZ, 2006 Process Containers, 2008 LXC, etc.

dotCloud now Docker popularized containers by adding simplicity in…

If you run your application/service on Kubernetes, you probably already have a Kubernetes cluster for development, probably staging. You may already encounter challenges in managing and promoting k8s and app code.

In the past few years, when I was running the Kubernetes cluster became clear that we had a few…


My team used the Vscode Remote SSH plugin to develop applications from Local laptops and remote Google Cloud VM running on NixOS.

Development laptops that the team was using were limited in resources.
From the beginning, we decided to use remote development on NixOs as it allowed us to manage consistency…

Ion Mudreac

Bank CTO at Advance Intelligence Group

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